February 11, 2007

Tammi Tales - Part I

Tammy Tales

I’ve spoken to Tammi briefly three times since she arrived. Last night she called while in a limo going north of Manhattan close to the end of a 20 mile ride, to find replacement samples for the ones that did not arrive in time for the show. When I asked her what store she was looking for she said “Michael’s”. I immediately blurted out without thinking: “Oh Tammi, there’s a Michael’s just 3 miles from your hotel near me.” Of course in my defense, my head cold is not letting me think clearly.

When she called back an hour later she was on her way back to the hotel after 16 hrs of being awake and having had no time to eat. It was then that I learned the bad news: it seems the driver had no idea where he was going and didn’t speak enough English to communicate well with anyone. Though they reached Michael’s just before closing, they discovered upon getting there they didn’t have the items they needed. Already this trip is sounding like a trip from hell, so I asked what I could do to help.

We worked out a back up plan so if the samples didn’t arrive she would call my local Michael’s store and order them and I’d go in a car and pick them up and then go and deliver them at the show – a 10 mile round trip which would be done by car so it would have been no big deal. After saying a prayer for her I went to be early and told my son that we might have to go into Manhattan and briefly visit the Toy show—again not thinking what that means to a 7 year old after watching the news briefs of the show for the last few days showing off the new toys that will be displayed by Tonka, Mattel, etc.

This morning I spoke to her again, and was given the good news: The samples had arrived, to the relief of her and her boss. YAY!!! Now how do I break the news to my son, that we’re not going to the “Toy Fair” as he calls it. Sigh! When my head is clogged like this I can’t self-edit or think clearly.

As she was talking with me she began to chuckle at a Fruit Band walking bye. “A fruit band?” I asked checking to make sure that my stuffy head hadn’t misheard what she said.

“Yes, a group of people dressed in fruit costumes carrying musical instruments.”
“Okay!” But in that moment I was trying to muddle through my head and figure out the connection between Toys and Fruit. Nothing was coming.

Anyway, she’s looking forward to having dinner with this wonderful gentleman, and said I’d be welcome to join them. Oh how I wish I could, but I’m in the same predicament as this lovely lady – who’s all dressed up and unable to go- because we are at the mercy of our sitters. I however, will be anxiously waiting to hear Tammi’s exploits of the day when she calls next. Since I plan to stay home she will be my eyes and ears out there in this great big city.

Posted by Michele at February 11, 2007 10:56 AM | TrackBack

LOL - Fruit Band... the first thing I thought of was the Fruit of the Loom guys in the commercials strolling through the place with musical instruments.

Oh I can just imagine what would have happened if I had told my son we might be going to the Toy Fair... and then backed out. Not so good. I feel for you!

Posted by: Teresa at February 11, 2007 12:46 PM

Let me tell you, it was a gorilla-stompin' night and great seeing T. I'll let her give you the details.

Posted by: Jim - PRS at February 12, 2007 09:34 AM