February 19, 2007

Musical Mondays - Adult Version

I usually get inspiration from other artists, in particular musicians. Burlap to Cashmere (B2C) is one group that I still wish would make it big onto the music scene. They're a local band that has played across the country, but has yet to break through onto the music scene. I first came across their music one night when I was walking past The Bitter End and was so enthralled by their music that I paid and went in to hear them play. I enjoyed every song they played. Later they announced they were going on tour as the opening act for Jars of Clay. I'm still hoping they'll produce more songs as I love their music. Below you'll find a video and links to a few of their songs on youtube.

The video is an acoustical version of B2C's Treasures in Heaven. This is one of my favorites. I hope you like it too.

Link to "Eileen's Song"
Link to "Basic Instructions"

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