February 03, 2006

VIRUS ALERT: New Malware Program to Trigger Today

A computer virus has been spreading through the Internet via e-mail messages which contain a malicious program in the form of an attachment of email senders you are familiar with. If the attached program is executed (which is done by simply opening the email, malware is installed, with a virus payload set to trigger on the third day of each month, beginning February 3.

This malware, commonly known as the Blackmal/Mywife/Nyxem/Kama Sutra worm, has been getting a good deal of media attention, mainly due to the unusual actions of the program hidden within it. When the program is triggered, it will attempt to delete a number of files associated with applications such as Microsoft Office.

To avoid infection you must do the following:
- Before logging online disable your email client from downloading your email automatically.
- Connect to your ISP and then to your Virus Protection Program vendor
- Download updates on your virust protection program.
- Run the updates and then check for viruses.
- If you're system is clean you're ready to then go back online and retrieve your email. Keeping your virus protection program open in the background will make your system run a bit slower but the security is worth it.

Read more about the Blackmal/Mywife/Nyxem/Kama Sutra worm.

Posted by Michele at February 3, 2006 10:31 AM