January 23, 2006

24 hrs Inside My Head

Sometimes I go weeks without dreaming, which is fine by me and then other times I can’t get to sleep because all I do every time I close my eyes is dream. And they’re not pleasant dreams either. Sometimes it’s things that will happen to people in the next few days (like getting into a car accident or suffering a fall), other times it’s things that will happen farther into the future and that are equally sad. One thing’s for sure, it’s not a restful night’s sleep.

Well, Sunday night was one of those nights in which I havce one dream after another. No sooner would I relax long enough after waking up suddenly from one of these dreams that I'd drift off to sleep to dream another dream about someone new. Luckily for me though, none of the dreams were tragic. Though some of the dreams were sad, none were of a serious nature to humans, so in my book they really can’t be considered nightmares.

The truly tough part comes in deciding whether or not I should mention something to the person I dreamt about, or whether I should wait and see if the situation will begin to unfold just as I dreamt it. What stops me from sharing my knowledge with each person, well, there's alway that little thing called choice that each of us have.

You remember one of the laws of Physics, don't you? For every action, there's equal and opposite reaction. Well, since my thoughts and actions, whether I share them or not, will have a ripple effect on others, I sometimes wait and see if a person will conciously make choices that will draw them to the scene or event in my dream or whether their choices will take them in a different direction.

If they don't head in a different direction, then there's no sense in me saying anything anyway because the choices they made altered their destiny and the chances of my dream event happening are small to nil.

So tonight, to assure myself that everyone was well, I decided to call on some of those people that I dreamt with and see if any of them should be told about my dream. Well, to my surprise everyone I called was either watching Jack Bauer/24 or about to and so they couldn't talk anyway. Since none of my dreams were life altering, I decided to let things go for now. However, curiousity got the better of me and I turned the show on to see what I was missing. Sadly, it turns out nothing.

To say I was disappointed is to put it mildly. Why, you might ask? Well, not only was I able to figure out an action before it happened, the story line also had more holes in it than a sieve. Don’t even let me get started with the repeated network security breaches that I saw, because in the real world, half of the staff, would either be fired or taken out in handcuffs, whether they were duped or were the culprits themselves. Sorry, but I give more credit to the NSA than this show does. I’ll just leave it at that. Now I think I’ll go to bed and try and catch up on some much needed sleep.

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Good luck on the sleep.

Posted by: vw bug at January 24, 2006 09:50 AM

In some shows the "Suspension of Disbelief" is a high barrier.

Posted by: _Jon at January 24, 2006 03:05 PM
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