January 17, 2006

How Emotionally Stable/Mature Am I?

Your EQ is
150+: Two possibilities - you've either out "Dr. Phil-ed" Dr. Phil... or you're a dirty liar.

What's Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)?

The interpretation to my score had me practically rolling on the floor w/laughter. BTW, am I the only one that finds Dr. Phil scary? Anyway, I attribute part of my high score to the therapy I received as a result of the previous post.
To quote Ktreva, "a bonnet tip" goes to Contagion, who started all this self-analysis. Pun intended! Posted by Michele at January 17, 2006 01:46 PM | TrackBack

Ah yes... and I'm the perfect one to do self-analysis.

Posted by: Contagion at January 17, 2006 07:39 PM

Self analysis and sensitivity training...

Posted by: That 1 Guy at January 18, 2006 05:02 PM

Um. I got a 60. Probably why ... well, why lot's of things.

Maybe I answered too honestly. *shrug* Oh well.

Posted by: GEBIV at January 22, 2006 10:22 AM

Scored 153. Same category as you, but, sheesh, 180?! Yer either an emotional genius or a bounder and a cheat! ;P

Posted by: Tuning Spork at January 22, 2006 08:14 PM