August 31, 2005


I got more bad news about the repairs that are being done to my apartment, which will require me to stay at my mother's overnight.

But after seeing the devastation and the flood damage, loss of life and the thousands of homes destroyed as a result of this hurricane, well, I have little to moan and groan about. As bad as things are, I do have a dry environment, clothes, a roof over my head and a job I love. Many Katrina survivors don't even have that.

As I work today, I will be waiting anxiously to hear from my best friend in New Orleans. I've been trying real hard not to visit CNN because doing so brings back tearful memories. These images trigger memories of knowing first hand what it's like when you emerge from your shelter after a hurricane only to see the world around you totally destroyed.

Having survived 19 hurricanes during the years I lived in the Caribbean, I know firsthand the shock, bewilderment, sadness, depression and utter despair one feels in the first few weeks after a major hurricane. Being surrounded 24/7 by so much devastation influences negatively these survivors' psyche and spirit. Boudicca says it better than I can in this post, for if I were to try I would start to cry immediately; doing that at my work desk is not a good idea.

I have already sent money, but Lee Ann remind us, there's still a bit more everyone can do - by giving blood, etc. Please visit Lee Ann's post for ideas and details. Thanks.

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