August 28, 2004

Update: Arrests in NYC Bomb Plot

Newschannel 4 has learned that authorities broke up a bomb plot aimed at New York City subways, with the arrest of two men. The men, of middle eastern descent had planned to detonate a bomb in the 34th St/Herald Square train station, which is located 1 block away from Madison Square Garden.

The men "turned to an informant for the New York Police Department and FBI to secure explosives for them for the plot on the subway station near Macy's and just one block from Penn station, where the Republican Convention is set to get underway on Monday.

Again, Investigators stress the alleged plot has no connection to the Republican National Convention nor with recent threats against New York financial institutions. And they say the suspects never discussed as to when they might want to set off a bomb on the trains or in the station.

At least one of the men may has an affiliation with a terrorist organization, according to two law enforcement sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity."

Posted by Michele at August 28, 2004 08:28 AM

Oh my God.

Thanks for posting that. I hadn't heard about that on the news yet.

Posted by: Harvey at August 28, 2004 10:22 AM

Geez. You be careful up there! I'll be checking in daily, since we know you'll give us what's really going on.

I was worried that you would be effected by all the protests - I'm so sorry. (previous post - 3 hrs vs. 45 mins after a long hard day at work. I can't imagine!)

Posted by: Tammi at August 28, 2004 08:52 PM