August 27, 2004


I get quite a few emails from readers who don't post comments because they don't feel comfortable being that open with their views. well this week I recieved 2 emails that particularly stand out for very different reasons.

Read on....

The first email was received in response to my GOOOOOAL post, where I expose NBC's biased coverage. Tthat produced and incredible response, 13 emails and counting. Here's the email that encapsulates the majority of the emails I received.

"NBC's coverage of the Olympics SUCKS! I'm pining for the days when ABC wide world of sports w/Jim McKay covered the Olympics. Those were the days. I turn off the coverage every night and watch Law & Order repeats because I get so bored and so sick of the commercial interruptions (it loses all dramatic build-up). Women's team sports always get short shrift unless they are wearing swimsuits, tight leotards or thongs like the beach volley ball competition (yawn). (American)women's soccer, basketball and softball teams are or will be gold medal winners and yet the men's teams get the coverage. YOU'VE HIT A NERVE MICHELE!!"

The 2nd email came by way of a redirected link where my French Revisionism post was mentioned at a bi-lingual French blog. It was short and very vile. I include my response for the benefit of history and truth. Please note, I don't believe in cursing at a person for their ignorance, I simply stupefy them with my intelligence.

"Ben Laden n´a jamais commis d´acte de terorisme : seulement de l´auto-défense. Que sont les 3000 morts du WTC comparé aux dizaines de milliers de gens massacrés par Bush?"

My translation: "Bin Laden has never commited an act of terrorism, only [acts] of self defense. What are 3,000 dead at the World Trade Center compared to the hundreds of thousands massacred by Bush"

Henri must either be uneducated or unread. It is unfortunate that he doesn't realize that he, along with all his country men are the enemy of Bin Laden. Or perhaps in school they never covered the atrocities and opression perpetrated by the french against arabs long ago! [Morocco, Algiers, Mozambique and in France currenlty against Muslim women] I can see that French revisionism is not limited to WW2, but also French history.

Posted by Michele at August 27, 2004 07:27 PM
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